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Shane Carpini is a passionate and dedicated Drummer, Percussionist and Teacher based in Sydney Australia.

Coming from a non musical background, Shane started out on the drums on his own accord during his high school years. Always having a love for music, Shane picked up the drums quickly with a strong and determined mind-set. During high school, he joined the school band which saw him play at several festivals and events at a young age.


Once graduating from high school, he went on to study music full time at The Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, where he obtained a Bachelor of Music Contemporary Performance. It was here where Shane had the privilege of learning from some of Australia's leading drum teachers and musicians such as: Chris Fields, Nick Cecire, Andrew Evans, and Dave Plenty. 

As he is always looking for more ways to improve himself as a musician and gain more knowledge on the drum-set, Shane has also been trained at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music by Australian Jazz Legend, Andrew Dickeson.

Shane is currently continuing his studies, completing a Masters of Music at the Australian Institute of Music under the genius tutelage of Dr Andrew Gander. 

In his Masters research so far, Shane has written theses on playing In The Improvisational Zone, Stream of Consciousness During Improvisation, and Thematic Concepts in Music.    

Over the years Shane has had the pleasure of playing with various artists all across Sydney, which has given him the opportunity of playing at some of Sydney's most sought after venues and Festivals such as Live at the Village, The Metro Theatre, Marrickville Music Festival, Evans Theatre, Lazybones Lounge, Foundry 616, Venue 505, Mary's Underground and The Factory Theatre to name a few.

Growing up with four other siblings, Shane has always understood what it means to share. This is evident through his love of teaching and willingness to share with others the art of drumming, and to bring happiness into other peoples lives through the love of music. 

In 2023 Shane released his compositional debut with his improvisational group IBID. Their first studio album - Spaces In Between has gone on to receive critical acclaim: ALBUM REVIEW- ‘IBID : SPACES IN BETWEEN’. Shane forms one half to IBID, with the other being Australian/British composer-musician, Keyna Wilkins. Together they play stream of consciousness improvisations and their own compositions inspired by human rights issues, astronomy and philosophy. 


As well as also performing regularly with the math rock/video game/synth band Godswounds, Shane is a highly sort after drum teacher, that owns and operates his own drum school, including running percussion ensembles and programs in various schools.  

Shane has always been an incredibly positive, highly energetic and all around friendly person. This has no doubt been the reason why he has excelled exponentially in his musical journey thus far. His drive, passion and commitment towards the arts will only continue to see Shane grow even further throughout his musical journey.

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